Who's OC'ing in GA?
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Thread: Who's OC'ing in GA?

  1. Who's OC'ing in GA?

    I've seen one, maybe 2 people OC in Georgia, but see all kinds of talk on various forums from many who claim to OC. How many of you really do OC with any regularity...and where do you live/work?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by imjustron View Post
    I've seen one, maybe 2 people OC in Georgia, but see all kinds of talk on various forums from many who claim to OC. How many of you really do OC with any regularity...and where do you live/work?
    Imjustron, I have lived in Ga. for 13 years. I receive my cc permit two years ago, walton county. I had my permit in four days believe of not. Ever since I started concealed I have become more aware of folks whether or not they may carry. In my Thirteen years here I have only seen one Gentleman open carry in a Mikey Dee. That was near a gun show in Dalton Ga. so I don't know if that counts. I just never had the balls to open carry to be honest with you, but think I may just do it at some point in the future just because I can. I really do not think it is as common as we may think here in Ga. Unless you go more into the rural areas.
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    I actually open carry all the time unless I am in the office. I live in Woodstock, Ga and I have had a carry permit since I was 21. (Going on 16 years) I used to carry an Glock 17 with two 18 round mags. It was barely noticeable depending on what you wore. I have since moved over to an EAA Witness 10mm and it is very noticeable due to the stainless steel and he size of it. I have only had one problem with store owner objecting. He told me I was not allowed to OC and definitely not allowed to carry in his store.

  5. I OC about 95% of the time and CC the other 5% (except at places specifically off-limits according to the OCGA). I currently live in McRae, GA and have been carrying for the past 17 years. I frequently OC in Macon, Eastman, Dublin, and other surrounding hamlets and towns.

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    I live in Lawrenceville (Gwinnett County) and am a mix of OC and CC depending on what I am doing/where I am going. In some places... if the Mall Ninjas noticed, it would result in an invitation to leave. Since I do have to be there, however briefly, discretion is required.

    I have met a number of other members of GeorgiaCarry.org who OC most, if not all of the time. Funny part is... most of time, people don't pay enough attention to anyone around them to notice.

    Additionally, I have several very nice, custom made holsters for when I do OC. I think that the showy holster makes a difference in the mindset of the people that do notice. It's right up there with the concept of "dress for success".
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    I OC around the house and about 5-10% of the time when going out around town here (Acworth/Marietta area) and CC the rest of the time. I know quite a few people that OC all or almost all of the time in these areas though.

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    I oc when im around people i know,in my home town,but usually cc when im going somewhere.Better not to cause a ruckus.You know,i do realize not many people oc here.
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    i need too know if any oc meeting are going to be in columbus ga if so someone let me know.

  10. I usually CC in Peachtree City, Newnan and Fayetteville but have been OC'ing much more lately. I haven't had a bad experience yet, but expect it to happen eventually, sad to say.

  11. Im in Douglasville and I OC every weekend while out with the kids and wife. Gone pretty much everywhere.... Had no issues yet. 1 LEO encounter that was (yawn) DCSD at a pawn shop.... I have been OCing for 6 months. CCing for 20 years. I dont necessarily think one way or another....

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