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    Trip to Savannah

    Hey everyone,

    My Wife and I are planning a trip to Savannah and we would like to stay in the historical district. We both have our PA permits and plan on carrying on our trip. I do have a few questions before we get to far into the planning.

    We usually stay at Bed and Breakfast's on our trips and we are a little worried that if we book one we will get down there and see the dreaded "no firearms" sign on the door. Anyone know if there are some that are pro CC for us permit holders? or should I just not worry about it?

    Also, for the off chance that we decided to visit an establishment that does not allow CC while visiting, is there a safe out there that we can use for when we are out and about? I do have the plastic cases that will take a small padlock.

    Im sure ill have a few more questions and ill add them as needed!

    Thanks in advance

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    May I suggest that you come on over to the forums at
    GeorgiaPacking.Org . We have members that live down in
    Savannah that should be able to help answer your questions.

    Enjoy the trip...
    Life Member

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    Will do, ill have a thread up in a few!

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