Ran into off duty LEO OCing in Douglasville
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Thread: Ran into off duty LEO OCing in Douglasville

  1. Ran into off duty LEO OCing in Douglasville

    So I was shopping at Kroger on HWY 5 in Douglasville looking for protein powder when I walked in the front door I noticed a man maybe 50's, with khaki shorts and white t shirt OCing a mid sized glock.
    I have never seen anyone besides LEO OCing here in Dville since I have been here.

    I have never approached anyone OCing so far.

    So with GeorgiaCarry.org card in hand I went after him... Turned out to be Deputy Tommy Thompson.

    Im sure he was county but might be wrong. I was adrenaline rushing coming up to a guy with a gun for the first time in 20 plus years so cant quite remember everything we talked about

    ME " Excuse me are you LEO?

    TT "Yes I am"

    ME " OH I saw you OCing and felt compelled to say hello"

    TT " Thats great..How do you do"....shook hands

    ME " Do you know about GCO and Georgia Packing?

    TT " Yes I do"

    I asked him about his firearm and we talked about the .40's they used to carry..Said it felt heavy and lots of recoil. Talk about different duty weapons

    ME " I carry this Glock 21"

    TT " Thats nice. I really like the glocks.

    Some more small talk about rights of citizens with CC and OC and he was all behind citizens carring OC or CC.

    He asked if I knew about Front Sight. I told him yes I have a cousin who went throught the training.

    He talked about a deputy who was killed a few years ago and was wearing an in rememberance shirt with his name on it.

    Thanked him for his service (was MP in 1969 and started his LEO career) and his service to his community. and we parted.

    Great encounter... Prob 10 minutes in the produce department.... Hats off to Tommy Thompson and Douglas County Sheriffs Dept...

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    Thats the way things should be, not just with LEOs but anybody you may see OC, instead of people freaking out, calling 911 about a MWAG,

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    Nice to hear positive encounters like this with LEO. Thanks for sharing!

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    I got my SERPA, I just need to find an occasion to OC. Spring sailing might bring the Glock out! :D

  6. BlackieChan..
    Does this imply you like the Martial Arts?

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    Does this imply that you like,
    1- Golf
    2- Bodybuilding
    3- Happy Days
    4- Rosanne Barr Arnold
    5- Generals who commit treason

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