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    Question Looking for a Little Help

    I live in SC. I plan on getting my CWP, and the next opportunity to get a Fl License to be able to carry in Ga. But during that time where it is illegal for me to carry in Ga, I will disarm and store it in a lockable compartment, so that I can be legal in Ga.

    Here's my question. My employer has a no firearms policy on premises. Not even in our cars. I know some states have laws that prevent employers from mandating policies that restrict what employees have in their cars, in this case firearms. Does Ga have such laws. I looked at some of the laws, and nothing stuck out. So does this mean I'm just out of luck, and will have to park 10 mins away if I decide to keep a firearm in my car, or is my employer violating Ga State law?

    Appreciate the help in advance.

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    Id like to know the awnswer to this as well.

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    In Georgia if the parking lot is accessible to the public you can keep you gun in your vehicle legally. georgia is also a right to work state and you can be fired for any reason. I would keep the gun in the vehicle and keep my mouth shut.
    I fear a government that fears my gun.

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