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    Ok, look, What I said was I understand the reason that parents may be concerned about someone wearing a gun at a kids soccer game. That is a general statement. I did not ever say that the actions of the particular parents in this particular situation were appropriate. I stated reasons why, in general terms, people are justified, and rational, in have some level of concern in that situation. You seem to be of the opinion that no one should ever be concerned to any degree about anyone carrying a gun anywhere, which is ludicrous.

    The mention I made of the origin of the word hoplophobia in my post was minor trivia, you missed the point that according to psychiatrists hoplophobia is not a real disorder, regardless of where the term came from.

    The particular parents in that particular Georgia situation greatly over-reacted, I absolutely agree. There was no need to call the police. I never said there was. But IN GENERAL having SOME level of concern when a person has a gun in that sort of situation is not irrational.

    The problem with your statement is that we are not talking about some people in this thread. We are talking about the hysterical hoplophobes who contacted the police because of a man legally carrying a gun. Therefore, they were irrational. Yes, in general, people should all have some level of concern, but not to the extent these people took it. When it goes that far, it does constitute irrational behavior.
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    Well then, it would appear that our entire disagreement was because I did not make my initial post on the subject clearer. A hazard of electronic communication.

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