1911 Owners

1911 Owners

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  1. taters
    does anyone know of a firearm company that makes a 1911 in .357 sig? thanks taters
  2. GW45
    I own a older model Kimber Pro Carry, very accurate, far more than me.
  3. wolfhunter
    I own two 1911's. A ParaOrdnance Warthawg and a Charles Daly Field model.
  4. CCW357
    Im new to this group.
    I carry a kimber ultra raptor and it works well.

  5. surfcc
    Joining 1911 group today! I have had a S&W full size 1911 since 2003 and just picked up a S&W 4.25" Scandium Gunsite 1911. I love how these weapons shoot and how concealable they are! Looking forward to conversing with y'all!

    Semper Fi

  6. chrisko
    new to the group too... have a Kimber Pro TLE/RL II... favorite handgun i've ever shot... hopefully if nobama's nice it won't be my last handgun either
  7. kentuckywingman
    New to group. Carry a S&W 1911 Gunsite Edition.
  8. spf159753
    Hi , I'm Steve,
    I have been carrying 1911's since 1984.
    I currently carry a Wilson Combat Full size Protector model in 45 ACP, which
    I bought in 1999. I have owned others in the past.
    I carry it in a Kramer IWB#2.
  9. gun runner
    gun runner
    New to the group but have carried 1911's for 28 years. I carry a Kimber Ultra carry II LG . I have several others and love them all.
  10. Tophog
    New member. I've had a few 1911's over the years. My current carry gun is an AMT Hardballer. I plan to upgrade to a hi-cap .45, maybe a Para P-12.

    My best 1911 was exactly that - a 1911, not a 1911A1. It was a 4-digit, police issue, in extremely good shape for it's age. However, an uninvited visitor decided to liberate it while I was away, and my damn dog didn't bite him, so I think it might have been someone I knew at least casually. And I'm sure that if a cop found the guy with it, it's now in a personal collection.
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