1911 Extractor

1911 Extractor

  1. rugerdon
    Has anyone installed an extractor on a 1911 (series 80)?

    I need to replace the one on my Taurus PT 1911 and need advice...I really should have paid $300 more and bought the Kimber!!

  2. KimberPB
    Let me look at the 80 series and see if it's different. If I remember correctly, you first push the firing pin in and start to slide the retaining plate down. Be careful cause the firing pin and extractor will come fling out. Once I have the plate started I hold my hand over the end and slowly finish removing the plate. Remove the firing pin/spring and extractor/spring. Replace the extractor and reassemble in reverse. I'll see if I can get a pic of you're to verify that it's the same as my Kimber. If so I'll see if I can get some pics for you tonight.

    By the way, you are correct you should have bought the Kimber! lol
  3. rugerdon
    We were taught how to do it in Basic School (USMC) and we used a ball point pen, so the procedure is easy; but a new extractor needs to be rounded and the tension tuned.

    A custom gunsmith here in town will not touch Taurus'.
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