Attention new members of Armed & Female..

Attention new members of Armed & Female..

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  1. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    let us know that you've joined so that we can officially welcome you.
  2. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    A big Armed & Female welcome to .38 girl. I know that you will be a valuable addition to our group.
  3. .38 girl
    .38 girl

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I'm honored to be part of your group and I hope I don't let you down
  4. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    Welcome dixie .38. We're glad that you've joined our group. I know that you will contribute a great deal to what it means to be "female and proactive in our own self defense".
  5. MKEgal
    Brand new here, and this is the random group that popped up first when looking for groups!

    I'm in Wisconsin, so all we (legally) have is open carry. Since I'm a VERY new handgun owner, I don't think I'll be doing that for a while, but will have it on me or nearby when I'm on my property.

    Eventually I plan to carry concealed, whether or not the State ever gets its head out of its behind to make it legal. The Legislature passed the bill twice, the (now outgoing!) governor vetoed it twice. Maybe next year...

    I'm awaiting delivery of a 9mm Kel-Tec P11, and have 2 safety classes scheduled already. Also know 2 stores in the city I'll go to to practice & buy related necessities, and one I won't... that's a scary place. Lotsa felons.

    I guess I've always been a bit unconventional. This is just the latest manifestation.
  6. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    Welcome to Armed & Female, MkEgal. We're glad to have you as a member or our group.

    Sounds like Wisconsin is trying to get it right. If the citizenry vote in a conservative, Constitutionalist as Governor, the voice of the Wisconsin gunowners will definitely be heard.

    Glad to hear that, as a new handgun owner, you've enrolled in some safety classes. You've made a very important decision that proves you will be a responsible gunowner. :-)

    DH and I have only been gunowners for 13 months. We decided that we'd better start exercising our 2nd Amendment rights and to take a strong pro-gun stand.

    I have a Life Membership in Gun Owners of America. I feel that they are more proactive than the NRA.
  7. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    Hi, Little Bird. I see that you joined Armed & Female on 12/28/2009. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you. Our group is a place to share information, from the female gunowners viewpoint, that will enable us all to be proactive in defending our 2nd Amendment right to "keep and bear arms".
  8. Little Bird
    Thanks for the Welcome! It's nice to make acquaintence with kindred spirits! I've had my permit for about a year. I'm learning all of this midlife. I haven't had the advantage of growing up in a gun friendly environment, so the process was a little intimidating at first. I look foward to becomming more knowledgeable and active as time goes on!
  9. imadragonkeeper
    Hi I'm new to USA Carry - got my CCW in October 09 but been around firearms all my life. Im an avid hunter - mostly bow but also take the rifle out on occasion when the freezer starts to look empty ;) I enjoy comparing notes with other women who shoot and/or carry.
  10. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    Welcome, imadragonkeeper. Glad you joined us here at Armed & Female. I look forward to reading your posts!
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