Besides guns - what are some of your other hobbies?

Besides guns - what are some of your other hobbies?

  1. imadragonkeeper
    CW+M asked for some topics so I figured why not find out if we have anything else in common besides our decision to keep and bear arms?

    I discovered 2 other new hobbies when I married Jerry - hubby #2 - hunting and archery. He is a fantastic cook, especially when it comes to wild game and I quickly discovered a love for venison. However there are very few ways to come by it - so I decided if I was going to eat it I had to go out and hunt too - after all 2 hunters in the woods are better than one! I loved archery when I did it in gym class so it was a natural progression to pick up a hunting bow. I have not gotten a deer with my bow yet but I have had luck with a rifle. I also recently started doing 3d archery shoots with a friend who is into bowhunting.
  2. imadragonkeeper
    My main hobby though has always been horses. I started riding at 6 and I have owned them since I was 12. They are my solace, therapy, recreation etc. I do my own training and primarily trail ride these days. I am also an avid reader of not only horse books but epic fantasy/Sci Fi with a sprinkling of paranormal and romance thrown in for a little spice. Some of my favorite authors are Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Kim Harrison and Yasmine Galenorn to name only a handful.

    So thats me in a nutshell lol
  3. imadragonkeeper
    Sorry for the double post - didnt know we had a character limit
  4. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    I didn't know there was a character limit, either, DK. I envy you your horses hobby. Since a young child, I've always had a fascination with them...such a beautiful and regal animal! DH says that, since I've never been able to fulfill my desire to own a horse in THIS life, God will most certainly give me one to ride for eternity in Heaven...and DH added, "This one will have wings". Cool, I'll have a Pegasus of my very own.

    As to hobbies: I, too, love to read...mysteries, Biblical prophecy, U.S. Founders biographies and Christian fiction are my favorites. In addition, I love crossword puzzles, writing songs and poetry, painting in oils (birds and landscapes are my forte) and pencil sketching, RVing with my DH in our motor home, shooting sports at our local range and last but not least spending precious time with my two grandsons.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  5. Little Bird
    As you might tell by my avatar, I like birds. It's been a relatively new hobby. I developed it last year when I was laid off from my job as a pilot. I started to notice the beauty in how birds fly. I put food out on my deck and began to photograph them. They kept me company when I was pretty down. I also noticed the Bald Eagles that live near my home. Since then I have found many eagles near my home and my fiance's home. They were always there, but I never stopped to notice. I also had the opportunity to work at a grape farm while I was grounded. It's awesome how my eyes were opened to these two new worlds. No one is EVER too old to find a new passion!
  6. imadragonkeeper
    Thats awesome Little Bird! Bald eagles are so cool - we have a few that live near us too though we rarely see them. We have a group of hummingbirds that we feed every summer and they are so much fun to watch zipping around - I can totally understand!
  7. KathleenElsie
    Well we live in the country. Our home is generational meaning we added a wing so our daughter, son-in-law and their three kids live with us. Not for everyone but we love it.
    Hobbies include rescue of exotic birds (people buy them and find out they need more then a cage and seed. Right now we have 26 of them from two small finch to a Umbrella Cockatoo. Our three dogs are also all rescues. I read alot mostly right now Founding Fathers and fighting Socialism in the not religion category. Alot of Catholic Apologetics and Byzantine Catholic history and Faith. On my personal plate.
    Reading the classics and American History (pre-political correct stuff) with the kids as well as Bible readings in the evenings.
    Gardening, canning, sewing and camping. The list goes on LOL
  8. SDG
    Fun reading about everyone's interests/hobbies! Rescuing exotic birds, quite a worthwhile endeavor. Ah yes, I remember reading Anne McCaffrey when I was back in HS. Well, I enjoy Anime/Manga, Old Serials & Classic Movies, recently gotten hooked on Fanfiction, going out with my friends and daydreaming. There's a few others I'm spacing on, So I may come back to post more later.
  9. eagleeyes
    hello ladies i found this group and wanted to join
    i'm in florida and relatively new to the carry forum and just found this group and figured out how to join it
    back on topic my hobbies i love plants ~trying to have edible plants in my yard as i can far i have about 20 pineapple plants one has a pineapple on it. i have a banana tree with bananas growing on it. a lemon tree i planted from a seed finally has one lemon on it this year i'm excited about that .i have a grapefruit tree but the fruit doesn't taste good at all not sure if it's because the tree is too young yet or what? someone threw away a plant that looked dead i trashpicked it and it started growing leaves so i planted it in the ground and there is one orange about 2 inches growing on that. i love to inspect my yard for new growth every day ......i also like orchids and buy herb plants for personal use
    best wishes to all be safe out there ladies
  10. jlgale
    My hobbies are riding my '12 Harley Tri Glide, had to go to 3 wheels after Cervical/Lumbar surgeries. Love to Scuba Dive when I get the chance and photography.Waiting for my new Smith-Wesson M&P 9c!!
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