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  1. speezack
    Just started this thread to get up and running, post questions or comments, please.
  2. speezack
    Hey DSI, notice that you are a certified NRA firearms instructor, I am interested in possibly reaching that level and becoming an instructor. I have been around all types of firearms throughout my life and have instructed on an individual level for years but officially... nope... certification with the NRA would certainly be a feather in ones hat... I suppose contacting the NRA would be the ticket.... correct?

    I may mention that I also happen to be a Life Member of the NRA, maybe that would be a stepping stone in what I would imagine would be a fairly intricate qualification.
  3. DSI
    Speezack, I would suggest that you contact the NRA Instructor Programs at 703-267-1423 or go on line and look under programs and find instructor training information. Being an NRA Instructor carries responsibility for representing the whole shooting fraternity to those with whom you deal as well as to the community as a whole. Most of what people think of guns, shooting and shooters will depend on you and your actions as an instructor. Securing your NRA Instructor Credentials is not at all easy, however it is very rewarding. And thank you for being a life member.
  4. DSI
    A new Virginia bill allowing concealed permit holders to carry in bars and restaurants has one big stipulation- no drinking.

    The legislation's sponsor, Senator Emmett Hanger, R-24th, called the measure "a step in the right direction" for preserving public safety, second amendment rights and the separation of alcohol and guns.

    "Only those who have disregard for the law are able to carry now, and they will continue to carry," said Hanger.

    "Most people will have the obligation not to consume alcohol, and they will take that seriously and that will be honored," he added.

    But as the bill awaits Governor McDonnell's signature- it already passed the House and Senate with heavy support- some opponents wonder whether the provision banning drinking can actually be enforced.

    Hanger said violators will face a Class 2 misdemeanor and the revocation of the their concealed permit"

    I would like to know what others think of this proposed law and its impact on the community at large.
  5. speezack
    I think it is a mixed bag.... I suppose it is alright overall and there are certainly persons in bars now that are carrying... but now it is legal and saying "if you don't drink"... that may be hard to enforce...

    I don't spend a lot of time in bars but on occasion do enter if I am looking for someone or the need should arise so the law would at least make it legal for my application.

    For the general public... I just don't know at this point... time will tell.
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