What do you ride?

What do you ride?

  1. Combat
    I'll start it off with my '07 Ninja 650R
  2. Unfettered Might
    Unfettered Might
    Well I'm about a month late

    Sorry man, it didn't notify me or anything that a thread had started.

    I ride a custom 96 CBR 900RR. Tore the thing down to the last bolt and completely rebuilt it. Powder coated frame, stainless steel bolts, carbon fiber levers, just a bunch of stuff. I can't ride without someone trying to buy it from me.

    I'm going to mod the frame in the near future to put either an 1100 out of a Blackbird or a 1000 out of a late model CBR into it. There is a guy not too far from me that put an 1100 into his Fireblade and is just killing busas with it. The 900 frames are a whole lot lighter than the Blackbird frames that they designed that 1100 for, it's a torque monster.
  3. Combat
    Go with the 1000 of a 1000RR. Fuel injection is the only way to go. My previous two bikes had carbs and I'm SO happy to be rid of that headache :)

    Not to mention, tuning is easier with EFI. Even if you run a 1000RR motor, you could just microsquirt it and customize to your heart's content.

    So what do you carry and how do you carry it?

    I've only got a concealed carry weapon right now - Taurus PT111 Pro but am thinking i want a Glock 20 as well. I either carry concealed in a shoulder holster, or carry openly with my thigh rig.
  4. Unfettered Might
    Unfettered Might
    I haven't really had any problems out of mine since I rebuilt them, but I would like to have fuel injection. Actually I should make a correction, the Blackbird motor will bolt in, the 1000 I'll have to cut a small piece out of the frame and with it already being powder coated, it makes me reluctant to go that route.

    I just came across a guy on craigslist here locally that's selling a complete 250hp turbo kit for the 900 for 1400.00 and I'm trying really hard not to go in debt to buy it.

    I pack a Taurus PT92 AFS and I exclusively OC, although I've got my training certificate in the safe, just haven't gotten around to turning it in. Even then I'll still OC, except under special circumstances.

    One of the added benefits of OC while riding....cagers stay off my ass
  5. Combat
    Hahahah! Dude, I've noticed that too! Cagers don't tail gate AT ALL when you OC. I've even had people refuse to pull up beside me at a stop light. :D
  6. Unfettered Might
    Unfettered Might
    Lol, your right they won't do that to me either. That really goes to show the mentality of some people, I mean damn, I'm not gonna shoot you for pulling up next to me geez.

    Now if they don't see my sidearm and happen to try to maliciously run me off the road, they'll be in for a surprise.
  7. Combat
    Respect from cagers is a pleasant change from the norm. Usually, they'll tailgate or pull in front and slow down... All in an effort to piss you off so they can see you go fast or wheelie or something. Irritating.

    OC on the bike is awesome. :)
  8. Rich M
    Rich M
    Howdy, I ride a 2002 Kawisaki Concours. Owned it about 4 years now. Great highway bike.
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