CZ 75 P-07 Duty

CZ 75 P-07 Duty

  1. Gallstones
    Part 1

    I was only there buying meat and dog chews, and produce if there were good deals and we had to look in the sporting goods section 'cause one has to look right?

    Always more interested in the handguns than the rifles I was perusing what was under the counter, some interesting stuff. And there it was. I had been doing some internet homework on CZ's for days before and had my self convinced I wanted one. My son''s first handgun is a CZ and he influenced me to check them out. I liked his but it is a bit too big for me, or so it seemed.
  2. Gallstones
    Part 2 because my post is too long.

    Anyway there was this brand new black CZ75 P-07 Duty, up against one side of the counter. "Ooh, can I see it?" Of course I could, so I did. I'm thinking, "I can like this gun." Thinking it so much I had to ask, "Do they sell well?" Of course they do. Bummer, I didn't bring enough money with me as I hadn't planned on buying another gun that day. I checked out with my groceries and thought about it all the way home. Soon as I got home I called the guy--seems like he had been flirting with me like he did the last time I bought from him, but that could have just been good salesmanship, regardless he remembered me--I said I'm coming back tomorrow to buy it so hold it for me. (We live over 25 miles away).
  3. Gallstones
    Part 3 because it was still too long

    I walk in as they opened the next day, my son had to drive because I had just gotten off a night shift and I was a bit rummy from lack of sleep. The guy already had the paperwork ready. Forms filled out, call made, payment submitted and I walked out with my first CZ.

    It is too big for me to comfortably CC, but I like it. No regrets.
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