Dog Owners

Dog Owners

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  1. lukem
    I'll start. I recently became a dog father this year. I have two dogs. Nola is a black lab/pitt mix that will be a year old Dec. 26. And I also have a little beagle that's just over a year old.
  2. boyzoi
    Been raising Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) for 25years. show, tracking,hunting (sight hound) therapy etc etc......nothing better than a great dog....and what dog isnt great ??
  3. gdcleanfun
    I used to breed and show Australian Shepards but because of my bad back I had to find a breed that weighed a lot less. Now I own a Papillion, given to us 4 years ago by a lady was going to take her to the pound because of behavioral issues. A little bit of training and discipline and lots of love Brought that little one around.

    Many people think that she's a long-haired Chihuahua but they are totally separate breeds and come from different continents. Papillions originated from European Spaniel stock. The name Papillion means butterfly in French. Their ears stand at attention (unless they are Phalen and then they droop) when they are alert and move just like the wings of butterflies. They are very intelligent and feisty little dogs who do not know that they are little. They guard well, chase away larger dogs, and stand their ground with livestock. Mine is the best guard dog for inside the house that I've ever had. I've had cats and hamsters and fish but I much prefer my Happy Papi!

    Papillions are not well known in the US. Here's a web site in case you are not familiar with the breed:
  4. squisher
    3 dogs in our house, 1 yorkie (Spencer), 1 Mini Pinscher (Mollie) and 1 78 lb mutt (Abbie - 1/2 golden retriever, 1/2....other -- looks like a black retriever).

    Abbie is our 2nd line of defense (locked door is #1). My wife wanted a big dog in case I would not be home at some point. Big bark and big teeth help keep people honest :)
  5. Mes0hemi
    I have 2 dogs that I love to death, and there spoiled rotten too. 1st is a Pitt/mix, and other is a Boxer.

  6. apojoe556
  7. bundeswehrvet
    Lil' Lab female joining our household mid-January....has been 12 years since a Lab ruled our home....can't wait!
  8. TnRebel
    We have had a miniature Dachshund, Black and Tan , for about a year now , he is 14 months old and spoild rotten .

  9. Tucker's Mom
    Tucker's Mom
    I am a Rottwieler owner. I train my own dogs, 3 so far. Though this last one does not consider me his master, I am his food supplier so he better be good to me at all times. Males dogs usually have only one master whereas female dogs is for everyone and doesn't pick and choose. I had trained Rottweilers and German Shepherd in one of passing career choices (we usually have 7 we go through our life...) and trained with Australian police at one stage, then teach other people how to handle/talk to their dogs.

    i think this is all I can say about me and my dogs at the moment...

    Your turn.
  10. BoJack
    At first we thought we were saving 2 Jack Russels from owners who didn't know what they were getting themselves into, but we soon found out that Bo and Jack had it all planned from the beginning. To say that they are spoiled is an understatement to say the least. However, They do bark at any strange noise and keep all the rats, mice, birds, rabbits, squirrels and cats out of the yard.
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