Next Scheduled Florida Picnic

Next Scheduled Florida Picnic

  1. HootmonSccy
    I thought I would place this here, as I will forget what post it's under...

    sdf2000 - Ok write this down!! Oct 16, 2010
    hi my name is rick and currently live just outside of gainesville florida. would like to join the florida group.
    where is the picnic on oct 16,2010?
  3. HootmonSccy
    According to a post in August (which I totally missed!!) SFD2000 gave up on the idea of a picnic due to lack of support!!!

    OK, it's a little more than a month away from the original planned date..
    The plan was to have this in Lakeland Florida

    Who is really interested in going to this, AND who is willing to help IF needed???

    PM Me and let me know, I'll see if there is enough interest to pull this off...
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