Florida Open Carry Fishing July 3rd

Florida Open Carry Fishing July 3rd

  1. StogieC
    Thought I'd also put the notice here.

    Causeway Park, Port Orange, Florida, on the Halifax River
    7 boat ramps -3 fishing piers - picnic tables and grills - covered pavilions - vehicle with boat trailer parking lot.

    You will need your saltwater fishing license to fish and you have to be fishing (or going to and from) to OC.

    Saltwater Shoreline License $9.00
    Annual Saltwater Fishing $17.00
    FWC - License & Permit Information: Lifetime Licenses

    Here's a link to the location: Port Orange Parks and Recreation

    There are grills on site. If someone else will bring soda and chips, I'll bring burgers.
    Just need to get a headcount before that weekend.
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