New in Northwest FL

New in Northwest FL

  1. FrankT
    Thanks for the invite to join your Group. I am in Destin FL, often go to Pensacola and have a deer lease in the Panama City area. Have carried since '96 in Tx to now in FL, Hunt and Saltwater fish so let me hear from you. To find out more see my profile here and I encourage all to complete the profile section so memebrs can know more about you. Thanks Frank
  2. antietam
    Hey Frank, I'm in DeFuniak Springs area - just got mt ccw a month ago. Don't really have the time to shoot at a range. What part of Texas you from?
  3. chroode
    HEY Guys,

    Just moved to Panama City Beach from Phoenix, AZ. I heard there realy isn't any shooting ranges around.

    What is a "Deer lease"?
  4. FrankT
    Sorry for taking so long to respond, a deer lease is a privately owned property you pay an annual fee to for the privilege of hunting.

    I am now looking for a hog hunt, usually farmers let you come in and rid them of the pests.

    There are several shooting ranges in the area, the below is just 1 of them in PC
    Jay's Guns IV Shooting RangeJay's Guns IV Shooting Range page
    3219 West Highway 390
    Panama City, FL 32405-2734
    (850) 785-4686
  5. chroode
    I just saw your reply. How do i find out who offers deer leases in the area?
  6. festus
    hey guys I'm from the crestview area
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