My first FNH......

My first FNH......

  1. KimberPB
    Well, guys I've joined the ranks of FNH owners. I picked up a PS90 from a friend yesterday. I've always thought FNH made some fantastic firearms and have had my eye on the PS90 for a long time. My buddy made me an offer I just could not refuse and she came home with me last night.

    - I got the PS90 tri rail model with only 5 rounds fired through it. (He bought it but had not had the money to put optics on it. So he just fire a couple to see how it shot)
    - UTG soft case
    - One extra 50 round mag
    - 260 rounds of 5.7 ammo
    - box of 45 acp

    All for $1300

    I pulled a walther reflex sight off one of my .22's for now. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of sights to put on it. Anyway's here she is...

  2. Psyk00diver
    Man you got a good deal, I bought my Tri rail for $1554. I put a Tru-glow reflex on mine, it works well, but I want to upgrate my sight soon. I found a sight that is selling 50 round new FNH mags in the box for 28.95, send me a pm if you want the link to it. Great pic by the way.
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