Competition Jan 12-25

Competition Jan 12-25

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  1. Warbirds
    OK guys... lets try this and work out the bugs.

    Here is your target
    Distance : 12.5 yards
    2 rounds each bullseye
    Any centerfire pistol

    Before you upload you target, write the caliber you used and any other details you wish to "carry gun" "duty weapon" "safe queen" "gen3 glock" etc

    Post your target by the 25th

    Let the games begin.

    And please, provide feedback so we can make the as fun as possible.
  2. TlWheatley
    Bought a new XD 40 today and did a test run. Not very good using your target from 38 ft..hit bullseye only twice, reshooting with my CZ75. But I'll post my results from the XD, just to see how this works
  3. glockcarry
    excited about this can't wait to get to the range and shoot.
  4. titaniumman
    Are we allowed to sight in or does this need to be cold bore?
  5. Logboss
    32 degrees today with about a 10 mile/hr wind. Wasn't exactly my best shooting while freezing my but off.

    These have all been carry guns

  6. Wyldekard
    Should we have categories by climate? While this is the best winter in NW Iowa in a long time (for me anyway as I am no longer a fan of snow), it's still cold and windy as heck. Or maybe just by indoor and outdoor?
  7. TlWheatley
    Come on guys, lets get those targets in.
  8. TlWheatley
    ok, who won?? Looks like Wyldekard with his G30
  9. Wyldekard
    I gotta work on my handwriting! I shot a Beretta 92FS at one target and a Springfield Armory XD(m) Compact 3.8 at the other. Both are carry guns for me. Mr Wheatley are you talking about the target where I recorded the wind speed at 30mph? That was the 92FS.

    If you're talking about Logboss shooting his G30, I agree. I think he won with that target.
  10. TlWheatley
    Target was listed as G30 . I thought it was yours..
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