Glock-22 .40cal

Glock-22 .40cal

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  1. Student
    Hello all. I am about to eat my words. I said repeatedly that I would never buy a Glock because of the safety issue. However I recently had a chance to fire about 100 rounds and I am surprised how much I liked it. We were a perfect fit.

    Just wondering a few things though... Has anyone ever heard of one discharging while holstered? Also, if I join the Glock sport shooting group I will get an extra discount. Anyone here aware of that?
    Oh yes, maintenance? Difficult? Easy?

    Thanks in advance for the responses
  2. LGH
    I have a G23 and love it. I have never heard of a Glock discharging in the holstered. I know a lot of LEOs that carry the G22 and they have never had one discharge. Just use the first safety, keep your finger off the trigger.
    Sounds nearly impossible. More like an unintentional discharge.
    I chose a Glock specifically for their safety system.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Glock Safe Action Pistol[/ame]
  4. bagent
    Student, I felt the same way up until 3 years ago. I used to carry a Ruger while on patrol with the security company I worked for and was the only officer who didn't have a .40 cal. My Operations Manager kept "forgetting" me when it was time to buy practice ammo for the officers. After about 2 months of harrassment, I caved in and took a look at the Glock 22. Needless to say, after firing it at the range, I was actually able to have a better pattern with the Glock than I was with the Ruger that I had been carrying for 10 years. Now I won't even take my Ruger to the range.
  5. Malk67
    I have a Glock 22 and use the Blackhawk Serpa holsters, lvl 3 Duty Holster for work, and a lvl 2 concealment for open/concealed carry with no issues what so ever.
  6. britt
    I got my glock 05-25-1991 and i carry it every day concealed and never had any discharing with puting in or taking it out of my holster
  7. skipster
    My Glock 27 is on my person from the time I wake until I climb into bed; and then it is on my nightstand; with my Glock 22 Gen 4 in the nightstand. I carry concealed in a Wild Bill's Concealment IWB holster and no one has any idea that I am carrying a weapon.
    As far as maintenance the Glock pistols are very easy to maintain; just remember to follow the lubricating instructions that are in the manual (just a little lube will do you). Also you do not need to clean your weapon after each firing.
  8. Desert Hawk
    Desert Hawk
    I have both a 27 & 22

    I carry more with the 27 but the 22 is always close at hand on a road trip
  9. napolifred
    I own both the G27 and G23. I carry both IWB. I have been carrying the G27 for almost 3 years and have never had any problems with. I have never heard of any Glock discharging will holstering. You have to remember to KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER BOTH WHEN DRAWING AND HOLSTERING. Just like any other weapon.

    I am also a member of the GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation). They do offer a purchasing discount on Glocks BUT you can only use it ONCE a year. A membership also qualifies you to attend a Glock Armor course that is only for Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Of course it isn't cheap either.

    I hiope this helps you. Good luck and congrats on your G22. I know you will enjoy shooting it.
  10. n4sxx
    I ditto napolifred's comment GSSF discount sales you have to be a member for 12 months then it let you get 1 gun for the year, and a group called Suarez international swear by NOT swear at Glock weapons ! for there built in safety's
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