Thinking about .22LR conversion for Glock 30

Thinking about .22LR conversion for Glock 30

  1. ummechengr
    First off....hey guys. Glock 30 owner just outside Memphis, TN. Great from the father-in-law.

    I've been seriously considering the Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit for my Glock, in order to more cheaply get lots of practice in.

    LINK: Advantage Arms Conversion for Glock 29/30


  2. wolf_fire
    I have an Advantage Arms kit for my G23. I love it. However, heed their warning about recommended and not recommended ammo. I didn't, and what they said is true.

    Personally, I now use their recommended CCI MiniMags and have had not one problem since using them (about 5000 rounds now). Unlike the Glock, you must oil this kit or it will have problems (according to what they provide as instructions. I have not run it dry and do not wish to try). They provide easy to understand instructions for oiling their kit and provide the cleaning supplies and oil too.

    Great kit, I highly recommend.
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