1. Cari A.
    Cari A.
    Morning all...wanted to introduce myself, I too own a Glock 19 .9mm and really have enjoyed firing it as well as owning my own fire arm. I have been amused when someone notices I am carrying, then exclaim that they don't often see woman with a pistol that large. I don't consider it large, my husband carries a .10mm Glock, THAT I consider large.

    Any other woman who carry and enjoy going out target practicing and shooting? Anyone ride their horse and carry? Be it concealed or open?
  2. glock21
    Welcome from another Glock owner to another.
    I own three Glocks. Models 21(carry gun), 23(.40cal.), 31(.357cal.)
    My wife carries a snubbie, S&W .38 special.
  3. glock21
    Question: How do you carry your Glock's, one in the tube or not?
  4. ClearSightTactical
    I always carry with a round chambered. I currently own a G17 and will be purchasing a G19 & G26 in the next couple weeks
  5. Tucker's Mom
    Tucker's Mom
    Hi everyone...

    I just discovered this group. I own a G23 and love it. I am a semi-retired freelance graphic artist/photographer/pilot and everything else apart from those titles that I have. It is my primary gun and carry it chambered.

    I do not know what else to say here as I have just put on my training wheels...

    Bestr regards to you all.

  6. mark5019
    hi all i carry a 36

    Hello all. I just purchased a .40 Model23, Nice gun.
  8. Shearen
    Hey everybody - New to the Glock owners group. I have a G30 subcompact 45ACP - absolutely love it. Looking forward to learning more and contributing what I can.
  9. 2stack
    Hi all... New to the group from SC... Just bought a gen 3 Glock 22.
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