Open Attacks on Christians on this forum

Open Attacks on Christians on this forum

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  1. festus
    Brothers and sisters...Recently there have been many attacks on Christians and our faith on this forum. Please do not get into it with them. They do not know true Christians and base their attacks on bad experiences they have had either real or imagined.

    I offer this advice instead..Tell them that Jesus Loves Them and that You Are Praying For Them. This way we are not name calling or lowering ourselves to their level. (Which is exactly what they want in an effort to get a Christian in trouble with the Moderators or Site Admin.)

    This will serve two purposes...Showing the love of God to a hostile personality and helping them spiritually whether they want it or not. Remember "COUNT IT ALL JOY!"

    Regards...Your Brother in Christ Jesus
  2. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    It isn't easy to read their anti-God, Christian hating/bashing drivel and not take it personally. Unlike them, we are mindful of the price that Jesus paid and it pains us to see it treated so lightly. We need to remember to pray for them. I've come to the conclusion that prayer is the best gift that we can give them. Quoting scripture, witnessing and trying to convince them of God's love, and the necessity of Jesus' blood sacrifice, just falls on hardened hearts and only enflames their rage!

    Rest in the peace of the Lord, My Christian Brothers and Sisters...and leave the trolls for God to deal with in His infinite mercy and grace!
  3. Boomer
    Amen Mom!

    I shall endeavor to do as you say festus. I do not suffer fools lightly & fools that blaspheme are particularly tempting targets.
    I will trust that in Gods wisdom he has placed these individuals here & through our actions (or lack thereof) we shall be a beacon of mercy & love.

  4. kn1080
    Its incredibly frustrating. The bible said this would happen.
  5. HK4U
    I am just wondering how long it will be before they start whining about this forum for Christians only?
  6. Hiliner
    festus glad you brought this forum to my attention. I guess only time will tell how long it takes for the whining to start but I look at it this way, if I'm doing my best to be civil and respectful but standing firm then maybe the "salt" is getting into them and that is the Lord's business not mine. At that point I need to shine as best I can.
  7. mojo
    HK..........sadly I do not think it will take long. As I mentioned in the off topic, they were just handed a victory by forcing Christians out of the main forums and into this special group. Next they will start to complain and try to get this group shut down because it is offensive to them, I hope Luke has the wisdom to see what is going on!!
    Bottom line though, its good to see everyone here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Conservative Wife & Mom
    Conservative Wife & Mom
    Attributed to Andy Rooney. Haven't verified that. It DOES speaks volumes:

    I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December. I didn't hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    Life, liberty or pursuit of happiness won't be endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer. This is the United States of America, a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Christian churches outnumber all others 200-to-1 in any phone book.

    [B]But, athiests are trying to tell us how to worship. Our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us to cease praying.

    It's time we told them,"You don't have to pray; you don't have to believe in God. That's your right, and we'll respect that; but,we're fighting back, and "the Truth" will win!

    Let's strive to put God back as the foundation of our families and public institutions.
  9. mojo
    It has been mentioned in the forums before, but in this group I think maybe it has bit more meaning. I always wonder about stating in contact with folks of like mind and endevors. I think this may be the group that I personally would feel more comfortable with exchanging some personal info. NO you're not going to get my 401K pass words..LOL....but trading emails etc I think may be a good start for some. I pray that our country can pull itself out of this downward spiral it is in, but being realistic I also know that there is a lot more bad that can happen. so......anyone interested can contact me by PM.
    It may be good to try to locate each other by area of the country, I am in SE Indiana.
  10. Boomer
    We are probably relatively close together Mojo.
    I live in Northern KY. Work in Cincinnati & go to the Spring & Fall shoots in Friendship IN.
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