Fruit Brandy

Fruit Brandy

  1. Debray
    Fruit BRANDY

    All you need is:
    a 5 gallon container,
    4 gallons of water
    4 quarts of berries or fruits,
    10 pounds of sugar,
    2 boxes of white raisins,
    2 oranges,
    3 packs of dry yeast

    I prefer use a 5 gallon plastic water bottle and cover the top with cheese cloth.

    Directions: To activate the yeast and melt the sugar, you must add warm water.
    Slowly stir in sugar to your water and yeast mixture.
    Add 4 quarts of cleaned berries or fruits.
    Add 2 boxes of white raisins.
    Slice oranges into quarter and add them whole including the rhine.
    Stir vigorously until mixed well.
    Let stand covered and stir once a day for seven days.
    Let stand for 21 days, and the brandy is ready to serve.
  2. tuts40
    May I ask how you control bacterial growth over the 28 days? I'm not familiar with making wine or brandy or anything such but have read a few wine making recipes and they all called for an additive to control bacteria. Your thoughts?
  3. Keykutter
    I use a similar method and use a vapor lock. Take a hose and some duct tape and seal one end of the hose in the top of the bottle. Put the other end of the hose into a bucket of water.

    That way, the mixture in the bottle can burp but air can't get back into the bottle. The water will seal it out. That seems to quell any bacteria.

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