Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

  1. rugerdon

    I am 62 and own an '06 Harley Dyna Glide.

    I live in Northern Virginia and often open carry while riding.
  2. jeffreyak47
    Hi! Nice to meet you. Im jeff from arizona, we have open carry and free coceal carry without permit,bar carry as long as your not drinking. I ride a 2001 1200xl,2003 big dog chopper,& 2005 suzuki gx. But not riding now due to brokin bones in my back& waiting for surgury. I feel i look like a ready made victim with a cane and a brace but im packin and ready to defend my family.
  3. faithful
    Hi I'm Kim from Michigan. I don't have my bike yet but planning on having my dream bike next summer. I'm taking my certification class next month and I'm excited about that.

  4. JT
    Hello my brothers and sisters of the road!! J.T. here in Florida! Bikes and guns....guns and bikes!! Who can decide? How bout both!! A few of my "Road" guns.

  5. stormrider54
    My concealed carry permit hasn't arrived yet, expect it any day now.

    I would like an opinion on concealed carry while riding--What is comfortable and works. I plan to carry large frame 9mm or 1911 Colt 45. I own both and will swap out every now and then as I like them both.

    Ride 2005 Road King Classic and love it!
  6. Bob-O
    Hi Rugerdon, What part of NOVA are you from? I live out side of Winchester, and work on 495. (bridge work)
  7. stormrider54
    Have CCW permit now! Sold my Taurus 9mm and bought Springfield XD9 subcompact. Love it!

    Fall is here and it's time to ride!

    Highs this week 70/80 deg. F. Love the Deep South!!!
  8. Drybread1946
    Ride a 2008 Heritage Soft Tail Classic smooth ride, also carry my best freind 40 Cal. S & W. Won;t be riding for a while, lousy weather for the next few months.
  9. rogerw
    Bikes and Guns Love them both. Have a 2011 Ultra Classic. Which is hybernating for the winter. Depending on season and clothing options cc gun changes. Might be a cougar 45 to a sig 380 and a few in between those calibers.
  10. dbrow6272
    Hey all. Long time Harley rider and carrier. Many years of carrying without permit but now with a permit. Live in Minnesota so the riding season is pretty much closed for this year especially at my age. I ride a 2010 Ultra now. Started on a 1950 dresser that I bought for $300.00. Sure wish I still had it.
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