Concealed Carry on a bike

Concealed Carry on a bike

  1. stormrider54
    I live in a state where it is legal to open carry and I also have a concealed carry permit.

    I believe that if I were to open carry on my Harley I would be pulled over quite often and questioned and in general hasseled because of riding with an exposed pistol. Yes it is legal but I do not want to be bothered.

    Does anyone have any recommendation for a concealed carry holster that is good to ride with. I carry a Springfield XD9 s.c.

    I normally use an inside the waist holster which is OK but I'm now thinking of shoulder holster for time on the bike.

    Any suggestions?
  2. rogerw
    When riding i carry a smaller frame Sig 238 or stubby 38spl revolver. I have a belt holster for both. keep at about 7 oclock. with a shirt untucked. Here in nebraska they have open carry, but most citys in nebraska have law against open carry that overides the state some how. So open carry is not an option.
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