New to Kahr

New to Kahr

  1. krmgator
    Glad to see this here. New to Kahr; just traded my Taurus 709 for a new Kahr CW9. Have been to the range only once and already in love!

  2. Red Hat
    Red Hat
    Congrats on your CW9. They tend to grow on you...
  3. JoeSilent
    Hi... I just got my first Kahr too. In my case a CW45. I've read some mixed reviews but when I had the chance to hold one in my hands.... well, it fell so good that I decided to research it more and then got my CW45.

    I did give it a good cleaning, did some 'dry fire', checked and racked the slide and read the whole manual. Then went to range and shoot about 200 rds and it worked just fine.

    How many rounds have you shot through it so far?

    Any reason why you got rid of the Slim Taurus PT709? I've read goods reviews overall.
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