1. mrcooper
    Just another new KAHR owner. JANKO.
    Hello from Emporia, Kansas

    Just purchased a new CW45. Plan to use it as my EDC in the warmer months.
    Does anyone know about dry firing these pistols? I would like to dry fire it for a while before I take it to the range this weekend. One other thing I heard the CW45 is picky about ammo.

  2. JoeSilent
    The CW45 has been working just fine for me. It's my edc also.

    You can do as much dry fire as you want, you can rack the slide also so it can loose a little more. Give it a good cleaning and lube it too before shooting it.

    About the ammo, mine have no problem with any except for the steel casing TulAmmo. Stick to factory, brass casing ammo (at least for the first 200 rds breaking period) and it should be fine.

    I have shot couple of hundreds rds w/o any problems. I also got 3 more new factory mags so I have 2 of 6 rds and 2 more of 7 rds each.

    One BIG recommendation is to go to the kahr website and read the FAQ about how to prep your Kahr. It is very helpful and informative. Also check the Kahrtalk forum... another excellent source of info. there.

    I did read it all, followed all the steps and have had no problems.

    Good luck!!
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