Is this a crack in my PM9??

Is this a crack in my PM9??

  1. B1Bundy
    Okay guys,
    I've just realized how un-technified I am as it took me forever to figure out how to get some photos in this group. Anyway, I've posted the photos of my PM9 on the group page and the "crack" that I've not noticed before. Or is this just a cut in the slide from the machining process? Any and all help/opinions would be appreciated.

  2. Red Hat
    Red Hat
    It looks like a scratch. Does it show on the inside? The pic is a little blurry so it's hard to tell.
  3. Red Hat
    Red Hat
    I enhanced the pic and I think it's just a scratch. Notice the break in the line. If it was a crack it shouldn't stop mid way. Get a high powered magnifying glass and take a close look at it. If you still are not sure have a gunsmith take a look at it.

  4. B1Bundy
    Sorry Redhat,
    After posting the pictures I realized I should have used Powerpoint to doctor it up and point out the correct spot on the gun. The "crack" I'm talking about is inside the slide, on the left side, near the ramp. It's centered in the second picture. The area you pointed out is indeed a scratch on the outside of the gun. Unfortunately for me, I was not careful when I tried to take down the gun the first time.
  5. Red Hat
    Red Hat
    I looked at my PM9 and it doesn't look like yours. What it appears to me is a milling mark where they took too much metal off at #1. #2 looks like it dug into the metal a little deep. Is the slide bulged out in that area on the outside of the slide? If it is then it's probably cracked. If not it may just be a case of bad machine work. You might want to give them a call and send it to them so they can check it out. They'll replace it either way.

  6. B1Bundy
    Thanks again for the response Red Hat. I don't see anything on the outside of the slide. Quite honestly, the gun has shot perfectly since the first magazine. No FTF's or anything. I just finally noticed this mark the other day. Anyway, I'd really hate to send it back to Kahr, but I might just to ease my mind.
  7. vic40204
    Hi, did you ever send it to Kahr? If so what did you find out?

    Thanks Vic.
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