Feed issues......

Feed issues......

  1. gunsandgardens
    Was wondering if any of you have ever had any feed issues.

    Thankfully, I haven't yet and I have run a multitude threw it from Federal, Winchester, Magtech, Remington, Herter's, PMC, and Black Hills. I have stayed away from the cheap stuff like Tulammo just because of what I have read.

    These were all FMJ rounds at different weights. No problems at all even with the Herter's which I have had firing issues in my revolver. (won't buy it again just because I prefer the other manufacturers over these guys.)

    I will be going out in the next couple weeks to do some low budget ballistics test (melons, water jugs, sheet rock) on the different home defense/carry rounds I picked up (Federal Premium Hydra-shok 135 and 155 gr, Hornady Custom 155 gr XTP, Remington 180 gr JHP, and I even picked up a box of Extreme Shock EPR (Enhanced Penetration Round) 165 gr just to see what they would do.

    Like I said, I haven't had any jamming problems yet, was just wondering if any of you have.
  2. jeffelliott
    I haven't any at all including Tull ammo
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