Simple Guidelines for this group

Simple Guidelines for this group

  1. chiefpropellerhead
    The posting guidelines for this group are simple. I would like for this group to be a "family friendly" group that is safe for all ages.

    I would imagine that most folks that read and post to this group, will be 18 years or older. I would just like to keep the colorful language to a bare minimum.

    Feel free to post pictures but keep the Family Friendly theme in mind.

    I will be inviting some of my SC friends to visit here and hopefully some other folks will start to trickle in as well.

    Take care
  2. Thom007
    James, I'll be good, but may rant :)
  3. chiefpropellerhead
    Thom, you are such a trouble maker. LOL I just now saw your response. I guess I should pay more attention to this community huh?
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