Home Owner in Moncks Corner shoots and kills burglar

Home Owner in Moncks Corner shoots and kills burglar

  1. chiefpropellerhead
    You can find the story at this link.

    Police: Homeowner shoots, kills Moncks Corner burglar - WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |

    What do you think about this story? I think the burglars were surprised to find the owner at home. I think that it was good tactical thinking for the home owner to retreat to neighbors house and call the police for help. He apparently had loaded weapons upstairs and might have gotten hurt had he engaged the second burglar. I am glad the home owner was prepared to defend himself against the invaders.

    How many of us know people that are NOT prepared ? People think that this can not happen to them. This only happens to other people. I bet this homeowner does not think this way.
  2. Thom007
    I think it is good that the PD is in full recogniton of the castle doctrin in this case. Press tried to make a little something about it being the 3 rd incident this year where a perp died, but didn't and shouldn't go anywhere.

    Ref your question about people not being prepaired--that is a big problem and not just for home invations etc--most of our lowcountry citizens are not prepaired with the basics needed for the storm season (should have a 3 day kit w/you at all times) let alone know how to defend their families--I wrote a blog for about a year on the subject and have had rather interesting conversations about the subject with friends up north who didn't understand the need to be carrying basic survival gear (ie. flashlight, basic first aid kit, matches) on snowmobile outings, let alone why ccw holders wanted to be able to carry their weapons on long remote rides. Very firery subject for me--be prepaired
  3. chiefpropellerhead
    Hey Thom, send me the link to your blog so I can read your material. I would love to see what you have to say on the subject. Something tells me that we are probably in agreement. :)
  4. Thom007
    James, Here it is T-Man and Chewy, I have not been active on it in some time, but a good portion of the material should still be relivent. If I found more interest in it I would restart my rants and teachings on a regular basis. Tman
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