New to group

New to group

  1. sh2usn
    I've got two rugers; an lcp that i carry alot, and a 17hmr single six that i bought used at gander mtn in st augustine fl.
  2. melloyello
    Hello - new to the group too..

    Had Rugers most my life starting with Ruger 10/22.
    All my kids have one now.

    Other Rugers:
    Mark II
    Mark II 22/45 Bull barrel
    SP101 2.25
    Superblack Hawk 44

    Been trying to get a Ruger Model 44 (some childhood memories)
  3. dswickard
    Hello - just found this group. Have a couple of Rugers in my arsenal, Super Single Six which I love as it has both standard and magnum cylinders and an LCP that I use as my concealed carry.
  4. Prince of Peace
    Prince of Peace
    Man I love hearing about Single Sixes!
    Welcome sh2USN!!!!

    Nothing looks more intimidating as a BIG wheel gun. I know there is almost no market now for "Spinners" but those pesky jams in a Automatic gun can come anytime and are NEVER welcome right?

    I just sold a Dan Wesson 44 I have had since 1982. Don't ask why... long story. But the wheels are a favorite of mine.
    The Super Blackhawk is such a item. If someone drew down on you with a 1911 style or a Super BH which would make your knees knock fastest??

    Looking at the hollow points pointing at me would be enough for my wife to hate my laundry later.

    Welcome again!

  5. vincen
    Hi all,
    I have an LCP that I carry most often as a BUG but sometimes as primary. A set of Vaqueros in 45colt, and a few 10/22s (I think I even still have one that is stock). Have my eye on a few more once the wallet says it's okay.
  6. Prince of Peace
    Prince of Peace
    Vince that's a hoot! "I think I still have one that's stock!"

    There are limitless options for upgrades on the 10/22s and safe to say at bargain basement prices too!

    Being so easily modded and so many to mix and match it's just a damn good shooting gun at a price every gun owner can afford. Once in then the mods start itching.... and viola a Uber gun!!

    Nice to hear from you Vince


    Hello everyone, I'm new to the group and went Ruger crazy a few months ago! Got LC9, SR9C, and a P95. Also wanted to post here to get my extra chance at the giveaway:P Thanks.
  8. TheCocaColaSanta
    Hello all. I am a new handgun owner. I was raised with rifles and shotguns but never had a handgun until now. It has been on my bucket list for a while and recently started shopping for a handgun that just felt right in my hands. My daughter and her career military husband had recommended a 9mm for my first handgun so that I could afford to burn through a few thousand rounds until I was really proficient with it. My first priority was that it had to be 100% American made. And after renting several different guns at a local range, I fell in love with the Ruger SR9. I then shopped around and found most dealers offering it for prices ranging from $439 to $479 and online prices as low as $389. Just as I was about to order one from a dealer in Texas, a local sporting goods superstore had a Ruger Days Promotion and I snapped one up for $389 plus tax. Now I am one happy camper and totally in love with my new Ruger.
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