Rugers as a sidearm.

Rugers as a sidearm.

  1. Prince of Peace
    Prince of Peace
    With all the foreign arms manufactures it's always been my decision to carry,use and own guns made in the United States of America.

    I have a lot at stake here in my country,state,and town and I like to support my own. I know a large number of people will argue that spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on guns made outside the USA is their choice.

    But I learned from my father that by keeping as much of my business in town is a way to support the family's who live here. The same people who I see in the Piggley Wiggley or at Church all have one thing in common. This town,state,country. And by being neighbors and spending in town we help support each other.

    Ruger Arms makes some of the finest guns I have ever fired and owned. Their constant ability to create a gun that fires every time without fail is their strength.
    I would just like to see more people spending money on guns that support family's here in America.

    And yes I am prejudice. I love my Country.

  2. charliej47
    I fought and bled so you and they could make that choice. I own a P95PR, an Italian .380 and a S&W 22LR single-action revolver.

    Today if you buy anything and it is not made in a local shop it probably has parts made outside the country.
  3. Ironhorse
    I only own one Ruger currently, and it has never been (and never will be) shot. It's a limited edition Lakewood, California Sheriff's Department Blackhawk - .357 mag.

    When I was younger I had a Redhawk .44 magnum, 7 1/2" barrel, stainless. I'm very sorry I ever let go of it - it was a darn fine shooting gun, and surprisingly easy to shoot, recoil wise, even one handed. The only change I made to it was adding a pair of Pachmyr grips.
  4. fredmaidment
    My only Ruger is a long arm, but I would never be opposed to carrying a .44 Mag. Have shot several Rugers over the year and I find them highly accurate and reliable weapons.
  5. tck469
    I will say that awhile ago i would only purchase glocks. Until a friend showed me his ruger sr9, after firing this weapon i now own one and use it daily as my duty weapon as well as conceled carry. I sold all my glocks except for the glock 23 which is a dust collector at the moment... Ruger has made one awesome weapon when they designed the sr9 just wish they would make it in another cal. 40, 45
  6. Prince of Peace
    Prince of Peace
    I for one couldn't agree more! The Ruger SR9 should be the SR45.

    More hittin' thump, and penetration.

    I'll write to Ruger and ask when it will be coming out.
  7. LilRedMeanie
    That's a GRAND idea! SR45 :D The SR9 is pretty sweet and easy to shoot tho!
  8. dswickard
    Ruger has just posted a new SR40, not quite a 45, but bigger than a 9. If you are interested you need to go to their web site and take a look.

    They say it will fit into most holsters made for the SR9, so you might not even have to buy new gear for it.
  9. dgifted
    I have 3 Rugers now, the 944 in .40, an SR40C and an LC9. I like all three of them. The 944 is a larger model and very accurate. the SR40C is fun to shoot and accurate and the LC9 with laser does what I want at 15 yards and beyond. The LC9 was to be my backup but I have been carrying it as my primary with warmer weather in a pocket holster. I planned on my SR40C to be my primary but have been unable to find the right holster for me during warmer weather. These are great guns with rare FTL. FTE's.
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