Why Ruger Ownership?

Why Ruger Ownership?

  1. tboat4
    Okay, why do you own a Ruger? Was it a gift? Is it the only brand you've owned? Did you switch to Ruger for a reason? Was it the best buy at the time?

    We'd like to find out why a person has a Ruger.

  2. motobecane1
    I was looking for a reliable CC that had the option to convert to a full size grip. The SR series always fit my hand well, hence the purchase of the SR9C. My other Ruger purchase was chosen for its stone reliability and commonly available ammo. That Mini-14 would win out over my AR as a bugout. Always fires whatever I feed it and is a folder so it is very stow-able.
  3. pookno
    Shortly after buying my S & W Model 645, 45 auto in 1986; I purchased a Ruger Police Service Six 2-1/4, to carry as a backup.

    I already had a Ruger Security Six with a 4 inch barrel and I wanted something to conceal on my ankle or wear inside my waist. I love the dead on accuracy of Ruger Pistols.

    I married, and my wife now carries the Ruger Police Service Six 2-1/4 because she has tiny hands and the wooden grips are perfect for her. It is very difficult to find an auto that has more than 8 in the clip because of her hand size, and going up to 8 instead of 6 is not a big enough jump.

    I now carry the Security Six as my back up. I'm always on the lookout for Ruger 38 or Ruger 357.

    They are great pistols!
  4. whodat2710
    I wanted to buy a Glock. I tried several weapons at the stores range, and found that Ruger felt good, shot well and was less expensive. I went into the store to get a 9mm Glock-17. I left with both a Ruger P95 AND an LC9 for the same price. Completely satisfied with both.
  5. dgifted
    I bought a Ruger P944 (DA/SA) in .40 S&W as a step up from a S&W Sigma and Beretta 9000S, both in 9mm. I liked it but felt it was bigger than I wanted for CC. So, before my CCL came, I saw a SR40C at a gun show and really liked its weight and how it felt in my hands. It is almost an inch shorter than my 944 and fit an OWB holster well. The price didn't hurt and I really liked my 944. I like its accuracy and the recoil is manageable. In fact, I liked it so well, I traded in my Sigma at Cabelas and bought an LC9 that I have as pocket carry for backup. I like the Ruger warranty and the fact it is US built. Since then, I bought a 10/22 Takedown that is sheer joy and plan to add the SR1911 as my next purchase. I rented one at the range a couple of weeks ago and love it. I love my Rugers.
  6. Techsan
    I bought an LCP for its size and Ruger's reputation. I've only shot it a bit so have a lot to learn about it but I find it doesn't extract/eject fired cases very well. Otherwise, it's a great pistol; carries in my pocket very well.
  7. saipaned
    I, too, had a tough time being even slightly accurate with my LCP until I realized I had to hold that little jewel in a death grip with my ham size hands. Thing skittered all over my palm! Tight grip will improve your accuracy AND your case ejection will become flawless......My LCP eats anything and spits 'em all out as long as I maintain that heavy handed attitude. (Learned to love mine, too)
  8. 1911LVR
    Beautiful stainless steel construction and not only American-made, but locally-made as well.
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