Ruger Owners

Ruger Owners

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  1. Tophog
    New to this group. I have 2 Blackhawks, .357 and .41 mags. And my first gun I got when I was 10. It's a single-six .22, 3 screw, made in 1954. I've owned this baby for 45 years, and it would probably be the one they pry from my cold fingers, just for the sentimental reasons.
  2. GregC
    Just bought a .44 Mag Super Redhawk. Wow!
  3. Tophog
    Just added a Ruger Charger to the collection. What a fun little gun. And it sure gets attention at the range.
  4. Debray
    Hi I just signed up for the group and Rugers have always been my favorite.

    A Ruger 22/22mag. Single Six was my first pistol 40 plus years ago.

    I shot on an Army pistol team at Fort Riley useing a Ruger 22 auto, and my favoite fun shooter is still my Mark II 22 gov. w/ a bull barrel.

    I was carring my 357 Rugar Black Hawk as a back up when I shot the Russian Boar in the picture with a 45cal. Hawkin Black Powder Rifle.

    I also have a 44 mag. Super Blackhawk if I need more back up.

    I'm useing a Kel Tec P-11 9mm as a CCW now but am looking for suggestions on a good Ruger to take it's place. I want something about the same size as the P-11 in 9 mm. I know a Ruger will surely be smoother.
  5. wuzfuz
    I have had three Mini-14s, and wish I had just one of them back. (doggone financial problems). A Ruger .22 auto pistol that my son has now. it was sent back to Sturm, Ruger after I bought it used, and they repaired it free of charge and shipped it back at their expense. Gotta love Ruger. I have a 10/22 right now that has a different stock and a Tasco 4X32 scope. It is a blast to shoot. All I can say is, Sturm, Ruger makes darn good guns.
  6. thomasres
    hey i go at 50rd drum mag for my 10/22 that thing is hell.
  7. red
    i just found this group and joined I have a p-95 and sr-9
  8. BigBadBaj
    Hey everyone!!! Great site and awesome group. I have a pair of Blackhawks .357 Mag, 3 screw...1 from my Dad and 1 from my Dad-in-law(God rest their souls), both will go to MY son.
    I'm workin' on a Mini-14 right now...
  9. rugerfan.64
    M77ST 25-06,KM77R 260,M77 Hawkeye 257 Roberts,P-95. Good,serviceable,reliable firearms. Had a mini 14 years ago. Only one i ever let go off and regret it to this day. OOPs,forgot the 1022.
  10. burchesss
    My CCW is my P345 any my latest purchase was a M77 Hawkeye in .308 love them both
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