Ruger Owners

Ruger Owners

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  1. dlh
    Hi Group, I have a 10/24 and love it.
    Have been looking at the Ruger SP101 in the .327 Federal Mag. It appears like the ideal
    carry revolver, if you want less than the recoil of a .357 Mag.
    Any comments about this weapon or the new caliber?
    I would like all replies on both the revolver and the cartridge

    Thanks in advance'


    i a

  2. bethear
    Hi, Just joined the group. Currently own Ruger Vaqueros in .45 Colt and KP97. But carry a Smith
  3. shorty208
    Hello all I'm new here
  4. carlnocala
    I'm new here, but an old timer around guns, bought, traded, & just gave away more then I can remember today. (Did I mention that I'll be 72 in

    I have had a bonding with RUGER since back in the late 50's. My current & only Ruger I have now is a 58/59 Ruger Convertable six that I bought when I was Stationed in PAX. Rvr. (Lexington Park) Md.Oh yea, I also put 22 yrs. in the NAVY & retired as a CPO back in '84. Anyhow, I love that conv.22/22mag. like no other firearm I've own. Had I modified by Ruger back 12-15 yrs ago, they had a recall, the hammer had too many clicks between closed & fully cocked. Still shoots as good as ever w/5 1/2" bbl. I can hit beer cans at 70 yds with it offhand. (Empty BEER cans, that is!)

    Gotta run, Momma's got my ice cream ready, catch U later...
  5. NRA Lifer and Proud
    NRA Lifer and Proud
    Hi Group,
    My current Rugers are:
    Mini 30 - Ruger Standard - 10/22 - MkII w/ Bull Barrel - 22/45 - 3" GP100 - Blackhawk - Super Redhawk in 480 Ruger
  6. trrogers24
    Have a P95. Thinking of getting P345 or P90 if I can find one
  7. Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey
    I've owned several Rugers over the years , Old model Super Blackhawk that I dearly wish I still had , 77 22-250 varmit , 10-22 , wished I still had them . I currently own a 77 in 308 Target or Tactical which ever you prefer to call it , a P90 DC in SS ,one of the finest most reliable 45 autos ever made , can't understand why they stop making it , as good as it gets for an off the shelf pistol , just too heavy for normial concealed carry , very accurate as are all the Rugers I've owned . I've never had a problem with any Ruger . The 77 Target in 308 has a Military 20x scope , same one Navy Seals were using few years back , no problem putting bullet on target if you feed it the ammo it likes , but all guns have a load they like better than just anything . I personally think Ruger makes some of the most reliable guns you can get .
  8. gunslngr
    I just purchased a Ruger LC9. What a fun weapon.
  9. dgifted
    I own 3 Rugers. .40 cal: 944 (improved Model 94) and SR40C and LC9. I plan on the SR40C as my primary concealed carry but am still trying to find a holster that works for me. My LC9 was supposed to be my backup but has become my primary in a poicket holster. I like the way all three guns perform.
  10. 9MarineMike
    New to the group........
    Thinking about the SP-101 .327
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