Report on M&P 45 and commentary on S&W Customer Service.

Report on M&P 45 and commentary on S&W Customer Service.

  1. Phillip Gain
    Phillip Gain
    I bought a used M&P 45.. Carried it about 2 weeks before finally getting to the range. To my surprise - pulled the trigger, but NO BANG. After cycling the slide and screwing with it for a while, it would only shoot intermittently.

    Sent it back to S&W. After 3 weeks it came back with these notes:

    - Replaced Sear
    - Replaced Sear Spring
    - No Repair Required

    Not exactly detailed, but the invoice also reads, "If you have any questions please call..." I might just do that, and learn what exactly was wrong.

    BONUS - I sent the gun in without a magazine...and it came back to me with one! FREEBIE!

    I picked it up this past Saturday. I didn't have a lot of time but I set up some cans at 25 feet and fired 20 rounds of Remington 185gr +P Golden Saber. Perfect reliability so far, 20 for 20 and I was hitting everything I was aiming at. Still won't rely on it as a primary carry gun until I've put at least 500 rounds through it, but hoping to do that later in the week.
  2. mopar1938
    Did you go back to the person or shop you bought it from and ask why it was broken before you sent it to S&W?
    If it came from a shop they should reimburse you for any expenses you spent.
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