1. sh2usn
    Hi. Just saw this group--i love s&w's--so far i managed to get ahold of a few:

    Model 22 of 1917 classic 45apc-moon clips are great!
    Model 325 guardsman 45 acp-moon clips again!
    Model 29-5 classic 44mag w/8 3/8 bbl
    model 29 classic 44mag w/4 bbl
    model 67-1 38 spl w/4 bbl
    model 66-2 357mag w/2 bbl
    pre model 10 m&p 38 sp
    model 10-5 38 spl w/4bbl blu
    model 10-7 38 spl w/4bbl nickel
    model 34-1 22 lr kit gun w/ 4 bbl
    regulation police 38s&wcal 5 shot pocket i frame w/ 4 bbl
    model 37 38 spl 5 shot w/2 bbl
    hand ejector 3rd model 32 swl i frame w/4 bbl

    still looking for that victory model, at a reasonable price, or a model 31 or 30 (32snubs).
  2. thomasres
    hey glad to have you my first new gun i ever got was a s&w 442 i am hoping to add more to the cabnet
  3. thomasres
    hey glad to have you my first new gun i ever got was a s&w 442 i am hoping to add more to the cabnet
  4. Hamster
    Just found the group. Purchased my first when i turned 21. It is a mod 27 .357mag with 6in barrel. Purchase my wife a mod 10-5 2in barrel. Just added a m&p.40
  5. gunsandgardens
    Greetings fellow S&W lovers. Proud owner of a .38 Bodyguard and Cabela's 2 tone M&P 40.
  6. mrmudzilla
    Hi. My first was a 629 Classic, 8 3/8" , topped off with a Leupold scope. Then I followed it up with a 617, also 8 3/8", topped off with a Pro Point red-dot. It is my "golf-ball assassin". Then I kind of spoiled myself with a 681PC with Crimson Trace Lasergrips. I grew up shooting S&W's. My Father was a County Sheriff's Deputy, and He carried a 27 or 29, depending on however He happened to feel on that particular day. I'll probably always be extremely partial to "wheelies". Take care, all.
  7. Warrior1256
    Just joined. Hello all.

    I have a 642 Airweight and a model 4506. Love them both. The Airweight is my backup CC weapon.
  8. Sir Swiftus Funkellwerk
    Sir Swiftus Funkellwerk
    Sigma 9mm!

  9. jerkos
    I love my 45, but the S&W Bodyguard .38 snub lets me carry anywhere I want to. Too much clothing and I can put it in my pocket holster. Too hot I can carry it in my T-shirt holster or in my pants pocket holster. Other pistols can do that, I'm just comparing my .38 to my 45. Can't do that with my 629, 586.
  10. Paul Gianni
    Paul Gianni
    Hello, group!

    Bought a new .38 special Bodyguard recently and have only fired it a couple times. The laser needs to be sighted, as I was hitting high and left at about 10 feet. I carry it more often than my Beretta 96D .40 cal. (33.86 oz. unloaded) because the S&W is MUCH lighter and incredibly easy to conceal.
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