Show off your sub MOA rifles....

Show off your sub MOA rifles....

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  1. KimberPB
    Ok guys lets see them. Show off your Sub-MOA rifles.

    He's mine:
    Savage 10FP in .308
    Bushnell Elite 4200 Mil dot 6x24 scope
    Bell and Carlson Medelist stock

    So far the best 4 shot group at 100yrd was .33"

  2. festus
    Here is "The Monster That Lives Under The Bed"
    Savage 10FP
    .308 win/7.62 NATO
    Millett 6x25 56MM AO Mil Dot Reticle (Pre Bushnell buy-out)
    Best group thus far .304
    When are the rest of you "riflemen" going to get it to the range and post a target to enter our Elite Little Club?

  3. KimberPB
    Nice group festus! I still have some work to do. I shot a .33" 4 shot group this past weekend. I need to shave it down a little more to catch you.
  4. smith934

    .308, GA Precision built Rem 700, Rock M24 contour barrel with 11.24 twist, McMillan HTG stock in Italian Desert cammo, Badger bottom metal, base, rings & bolt knob, Leupy 3.5 x 10 VX3 M3 w/Mil Dot reticle

    10 rounds from prone with bipod from cold barrel with GAP custom rifle. 100 yards (during load dev) .263" C to C Lapua Brass/175 SMK/Fed 210M primer/44.5 Gr. Varget. Cold bore shot is the top hole. Note: rifle not zeroed at that point.

    I only shoot 5 and 10 round groups.

    Full Kit
  5. KimberPB
    Nice setup smith! I like the camo job.
  6. festus
    Very Nice! Smith
  7. rugerfan.64
    Very Nice shooting Smith. Nice lookin setup.
  8. rugerfan.64
    OK,this is one of mine,the REASON I am a Ruger fan. Shes sort of old,and I havent paid much attention to her lately. I got her out today and she was so dirty I was almost ashamed. None the less after years of neglect in the safe she still loves me.

    This is a Ruger M 77 ST,I got her used in 1983. I've posted a Mtn Dew can that I shot with this same rifle and load at 300 yards. Old but still capable.
  9. festus
    Very Impressive RugerFan!
  10. KimberPB
    Nice looking gun Rugerfan. Looks like a nice shooter also!
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