Why doesn't Taurus Guns get any respect?

Why doesn't Taurus Guns get any respect?

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  1. Ed Hamberger
    Ed Hamberger
    Everywhere you look, (except Taurus's own website), Taurus guns are either ignored, or simply excluded,or simply put down, why? All you ever read about is S&W and Glock. I own S&W's, and Ruger's, but I carry a Taurus. I wouldn't own an ugly-ass Glock, regardless of it's popularity. As for quality, I feel Taurus is equal to or better than quite a few, (including Glock!). If I was able to afford a Kimber, then I'd carry a Kimber... but I can't so I don't. My PT145 and 709SS do everything I ask, and their accurate, in fact I've recently ordered a new 617 7-shot .357 Taurus. I'm perfectly happy with my Taurus', But why is the general consensus so against Taurus? Please enlighten me...
  2. Sarge43
    because they come from Brazil. The more people you convince to try yours, the more people learn what they are missing. After my Beretta 92 blew up on me, I'll never own another one. I don't like glocks or S&W semi autos. I own quite a few Taurus guns a Springfield and a Kimber among others. I carry the 24/7 Pro .40 every day. Dead on accurate and flawless.
  3. rikkor
    I am satisfied and happy with my PT709 "Slim" to the point that I just got a PT1911 yesterday. I haven't shot it yet, but I expect to remedy that tomorrow.
  4. Ed Hamberger
    Ed Hamberger
    The following is a subject I researched on the 'net;

    •In 1965 Smith & Wesson had been purchased by a conglomerate named Bangor Punta Alegre Sugar Corp., a conglomerate based in Bangor, Maine.
    •In 1970, Bangor Punta also purchased 54% of Taurus. Thus, the two companies became "sisters." Smith & Wesson never owned Taurus. They were both independent companies.
    •However, during the next seven years, a great deal of technology and methodology was passed between the two. What may come as a surprise to some is that more of what was "right" in Porto Alegre was sent to Springfield than was sent from Springfield to south of the equator.
    •Today's revolvers still bear a superficial resemblance to Smiths, but Taurus has made many modifications and improvements to its original designs and today's revolvers owe very little to any other manufacturer.
  5. caliyanks
    I have, for my first gun, a PT 24/7 Tactical OSS/DS 40C. Its a fine gun and I love shooting it. Too big for CC so I have an M&P 40C
    I plan on getting a Taurus revolver soon. Good guns, I don't see any issues. I always say, just get what is comfortable for you. Its all good.
  6. Raganrsx
    I love my pt 24/7 ss .40 and .38 spl. i have never had a problem at all with either of them.
  7. shawntimothyjames
    My favorite pistol is my 24/7 oss .45. Hundreds of rounds through it and no problems. It looks like taurus discontinued this model. I wonder why?
  8. Lavon
    I asked myself this same question when my wife and I went to a local dealer to "look". We held several .45's. My wife wanted a "glock" and that's fine. I do not like how they "feel". I've shot the 21 and 22 models. Shot really well with them at 15 yards. Too square and the angle is just wrong for me. That pretty much goes for all the other pistols we played with at the dealer.

    I KNEW as soon as I picked up the 24/7 OSS DS .45 that I had found THE ONE. I started reading reviews and joining forums. After about two weeks, I still wanted it. You have to remember about 75% of what you read on the web is total BS and very speculative at best.

    My wife got me the Taurus for Christmas and I've put right at 500 rounds through it. The ONLY thing I wish I had done differently is try some of the other 24/7 .45 models...for concealment purposes. The OSS DS is rather large for IWB! lol She has shot about 50 rounds with it and has been converted from her "glock lovin'" ways.
  9. Combat
    I've seen a couple drop fires with the Taurus PT111's (which is what i carry). One of which resulted in a $1,250,000 judgment against Taurus. Not exactly good for their reputation.

    Also, the early PT111's had some really bad reviews EVERYWHERE.

    I personally own a 3rd Gen PT111, and love it.
  10. ZMAN738
    Same old story, if it isn't a Colt, Glock, Kimber or whatever it ain't ****.
    When I was researching all over the internet for a CCW pistol I had three criterion: Price, Caliber and Ease of Concealment.
    The Taurus PT 24/7 Pro C DS in .40S&W met all my needs. Priced around $400. with 2 mags. I could afford one but more important is it has stopping power plus is a breeze to carry. A gun you don't feel comfortable carrying because of size or weight is worthless no matter how well it looks or shoots, yes?
    Recoil is rather stiff but manageable because of the "ribber" grip and it's for sure not a "plinker". Loaded with Hornady 165 gr. FTX Critical Defense ammo it will do it's job if ever (hopefully never) needed.
    Another neat feature in the "DS" model is one can load a round in the chamber, de-cock the striker and set the safety to "safe" which re-sets the trigger to DA requiring only moving the safety to "fire" to bring the gun into action.
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