PT 1911 Extractor

PT 1911 Extractor

  1. rugerdon
    I joined this group to see if anyone else has had a similar problem.

    Bought a Taurus PT 1911...sorry I did. After searching on the internet, I narrowed the problem down to the extractor slipping over the rim, leaving the spent case in the chamber. Obviously, the next round will not feed causing a serious jam.

    One person advised me to buy a "Cylinder and Slide" extractor, which I did, but would rather a gunsmith install it as it takes some work getting it "tuned" correctly. I could send it back to the factory, but they will just replace the extractor, which I have been led to believe is of inferior quality.

    I took the pistol to a custom gunsmith in town and he refuses to work on Taurus firearms. He used to carry them in his store but stopped because of their sporadic quality. Some were good and many he had to return to the factory and he was losing money on the Taurus line.

    I would not recommend Taurus products at this time.

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