Taurus owners

Taurus owners

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  1. Dafey
    Welcome one and all !

  2. DrDavidM
    I have a PT140pro and have been totally pleased with it. Never a failure of any kind. I have shot a variety of ammo through it, including reloads. My wife has a 38 snub nose that is also very nice.
  3. fibertech
    I have a pt 24/7 and LOVE this gun.my problem is trying to find a holster that is made for this gun.I am wanting a paddle style, If any of you have any sugestions where i could pick one up I would be very greatful!
  4. Thevirginian
    I have a Taurus 357/38 short barrell, hammerless. Great gun. Use as a carry gun along with a Makarov. Problem is holsters. I am not a small person, and yes, I could lose a few pounds. But most of the holsters I have tried have a tendency to print through. I have tried a couple of the chest/belly band types and they are okay. I would like to improvise on them to some degree but have hit big stonewalls. None of the holster manufacturers or dealers who sell the chest/belly band holsters will identify the distributors of the surgical elastic used in the production. If someone violated their patent rights that person could be prosecuted. Yet no one will identify who distributes the elastic. I have searched the internet with no success. Partially because I really have no real identification of the elastic. All i know is widths of 4, 5 or 6 inch surgical elastic. It has to be a breathable type of elastic but how else to identify it I do not know!!!

    Can anyone shed any light on a possible distributor? I would appreciate any possible information that may lead me to a source!!!
    The Virginian
  5. Dafey
    Heres the one I am useing. It fits good IWB style or outside too. Of course I modifyed it :) [ I cant leave anything alone] and cut the mag pouch off.

  6. Thevirginian
    I checked out the centerfire systems website, thanks for sending the web address. I, like you and others, are always modifying. That is one reason I am trying to determine what type of surgical elastic is used in the belly band/chestband type of holster. There are multiple types such as knitted, woven, then add to each word breathable or non breathable and then add hook and loop available or not available. I have a an idea that what is used in the belly/chest band is a woven, breathable without hook and loop. But it is a wild guess. There are very few manufacturers of surgical elastic here in the states---most are in India and China. So I have to be absolute in what I need if ordering from outside the US.
    The Virginian
  7. Dafey
    My license arrived this morning :)

    My mom comes banging on my door at 1:00pm saying its here its here [says DPS right on it] I was so happy I actually got outa bed !!
    Then I called my wife at work , telling her boss who answered it was a emergency LOL !
    I need to get hers sent off Wed after she does her fingerprints at the police station.
    It feels so good to put it on in the morning and not have to take it off until I get into bed. . .

    It only took like 2 - 2 1/2 months. . . WOW
    I am a new member here and a recent new owner of a taurus .m44c-2", .44 mag. I can't find it on the taurus web site. I welcome any comments you may have.
  9. gun runner
    gun runner
    PT1911 and love it. I sold two more taurus's this week A Judge and pt140. Push the Taurus as much as I can. Great gun value
  10. Dafey
    Why did you sell the 2 Taurus`s? Something wrong with them?
    On a diffrent note , any one have experiance with the PT22 ? My daughter wants one prety bad.
    And where is every one? It says theres 9 of us. . . .
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