Wheel Gun Owners

Wheel Gun Owners

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  1. RightArmOfWyoming
    Revolvers? Love 'em. Have and carry a Ruger GP100 with a HiViz front site, and a Taurus 605 snubbie (it's back at the factory now. Darned thing jammed. That I do NOT love. Anyone else have that problem with a 605? )

    I love revolvers, wife hates 'em. She loves plastic guns (Glocks and XDs), I can't stand 'em.

    To each his own....

    Following my service in the US Air Force, I became a police cadet in my own hometown we qualified with revolvers. After accepting employment at our local county sheriff’s dept, the revolvers were retired and we were issued semi autos. I found it a difficult transition to convert to the semi autos. I prefer and enjoy shooting the revolvers more than the autos.
  3. rich of henderson,nv.
    rich of henderson,nv.
    Rich of Henderson,Nv. I love the discussion on the site. I've never had my .357 Rugers fail. When I took my CCW class last July I was the old guy with the only revolver. I carry the Rugers on and off with Taurus Public Defender. But Rugers never fail! So many other American products should be half as good! Best to all the wheel gun fans!
    One of the best Revolvers I ever owned was a SP101 in 357 Magnum. Like an idiot I sold it, but they are a wonderful shooter. The absolute best one from Ruger I owned was the GP100.
  5. rich of henderson,nv.
    rich of henderson,nv.
    I have been reading in this book Defensive Handgunning ( J. Farnam) that it is bad (spalling ) to run .38's out of a .357 revolver . Can some one tell me if you have found this to be true .
  6. rugerdon
    I just joined.

    I carry a S&W 686 with a 3" barrel; I found it at a gun show for $450, many years ago.

    It shoots real nice, is fairly heavy, but carrys nice in a high ride holster. I only have 7 shots, but if you think about it, a non-LEO has a different tactical goal than a LEO.

    A LEO may have to stay at the scene and put out a "few" rounds, whereas a normal citizen uses his weapon to get out of a bad situation. The later requires less ammo.

    Just a thought.
  7. cart1775
    I'm in the process of buying my wife a revolver. The gun will be for concealed carry. We went to the range today and she shot a friends .38. After a few rounds she did fairly well with the gun being her first time to shoot a .38. I have been looking at both a .38 and a .32 mag. Can you tell me how the .32 mag would compare with the .38 in recoil. We also tried a .357 and after one shot that one was out of the running.
  8. Rancott
    Hey folks,
    Been a while since I've posted....work ya know.
    Got me a couple more.....Taurus Judge, 6 1/2" stainless...Dan Wesson 357 6"...marlin lever octo barrel 357. Figured they would complement the 2 1/2" high standard 357 (made by Dan Wesson) I already have. Figured I'd get a carbine lever chambered for my carry gun for the bed room. Ya never know when they'll ban more guns, so I figured a lever gun would be a safe bet.
  9. Ed Hamberger
    Ed Hamberger
    Well! I guess I'm the poor man on this thread... thanks to Obama's Economic Recovery Program, I can't afford Colts, S&W's, or Rugers... heck I can't even afford a Taurus wheelie. I carry a Rossi 46102 2" 6 shooter almost daily now. I pocket carry my little 738/TCP as backup, (I am never without my TCP). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, my little Rossi does everything a gun is supposed to do, it goes "BANG" when you pull the trigger, it never has a FTE, or FTF problem, and loves all the .357's I feed it.
  10. plainshunter
    I love revolvers, don't know why. Just seem more romantic or something. Give me some steel, wood and a cylinder over polymer any day. I have a S&W M10-8 that I carry frequently, depending on what I'm wearing. It's my favorite gun to shoot.
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