Wheel Gun Owners

Wheel Gun Owners

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  1. gestu1
    I would like to her from folks that carry revolvers.
  2. sh2usn
    How cum i didn't thunk of this? Most of my guns are wheel guns.
    15 out of 20 as a matter of fact. Soon to be 16 out of 20, i just ordered a s&w model 29 4" barrel, nickel plate, should pick it up
    this wednesday or so.
  3. Red Hat
    Red Hat
    Wheel guns are my first love! The last 5 or 6 of my gun buys have been revolvers.
  4. sh2usn
    On saturday picked up an s & w model 34-1. Nickel, 4" bbl., 22cal kit gun. It has the original box, manual,( holster and acc. Adversement brochure), tool kit still in orig wrapper, it even has the orig brown waxy logo wrapper paper. It was apparently bought on nov. 11, 1983 as a gift. I don't think it was ever fired after it was purchased.
  5. gestu1
    Clints holding a model 29 in my avitar. You're gonna love it.
  6. psykosuciety
    Hey I know you gestu
  7. sh2usn
    I just picked up a high standard double nine. It's the steel frame combo model made from '71-'84. It only has one of the clyinders and i was told it was the 22lr cylinder. The more i look and research, i'm getting convinced that it is the 22mag cylinder.

    Number 1, a 22 mag cart will fit easily in the chambers, the length is fine.
    Number 2, the chamber has a shoulder and is not a smooth surface like a 22lr chamber.

    Does anyone know if high standard marked the cylinders in any way, sort of like heritage does?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated......
  8. sh2usn
    Ok, i'm hooked on this stuff. Before the banks go down with what little bread that i have, and i have to eat ken-l-ration and kraft mac n' cheese, why not get another model 29 to play with.
    So i did it. Why not get a model 29-5, 8 3/8 bbl. Classic, with hogue grips, un-fired from orig owner. On consignment from a very reputable gunsmith in my own home town.
    Now i got two model 29's, and i love it!!
    Ok again, lets rewind to the very morning i picked up the second model 29.

    I take my 91 yr old dad( ex 4th marine division corpsman, vet of saipan, roi namor, tinian, but missed iwo being in the naval hospital at pearl) to a nice new jersey style diner in daytona.
    Since i'm in daytona , i go down the road to port orange to the florida gun exchange.
    While there i see a pair of old colts. I see a 32 sw long police positive, laying next to a detective special 2" snub nose, 38 s&w .
    Wow! What should i do? Buy em'.!! What else, are you crazy?, i am , so i did.
    Oh yeah, on the way to pick up the model 29, from florida gun exchange, i stopped at e-z pawn and gun in holly hill.
    There i see a s & w regulation police s&w 38. Hey i just got a colt that chambers a 38 s&w--yup, let's get the s&w, why not!
    Now i have an excuse to buy lots of 38 s&w ammo.
    To wrap this up, i will buy any s&w or colt i can afford till that curious george lookin', spread the wealth,
    commie, community organizer, jackass running for president, god forbid gets elected, says i can't--come to think of it, i'll go underground and keep on buyin'.............
  9. bundeswehrvet
    Need to add'em up:
    629, 686, KingCobra, Trooper and LadySmith for the better half
    CZ, Walther PP and P22
    Wheel Guns win!
  10. psykosuciety
    Does anyone here have any opinion on the Ruger sp101 357. I was checking it out the other day and it got a real good review from the guy showing it to me. It is said to be a good quality gun and I was told Ruger revolvers are built like tanks. I wanna hear from anyone with first hand experience on this revolver.
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