SOG Knives at a deep discount + 10% coupon code + Free Shipping
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Thread: SOG Knives at a deep discount + 10% coupon code + Free Shipping

  1. SOG Knives at a deep discount + 10% coupon code + Free Shipping

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    wow i checked your site sure has alot of handguns to choose from
    i'd love to test fire one like that ruger in the ccgiveaway as it seems to be something that might work well for me so if i don't win it come july i might try one at a range that has one to rent and if i like it i might see about revisiting your site

    and this knife is it like a switch blade to open?

    Price: $37.07
    SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FSA-98 Flash II, 1/2 Serrated + Free Shipping - $37.07
    $4 price drop - Sleek, elegant, and easy to operate, the FSA-98 Half-Serrated Knife from the Flash II Series showcases SOG Specialty Knives' commitment to creating style through craftsmanship. Featuring advanced opening and locking technology combined with a well-balanced body and a strong, dependable blade, this versatile folding knife makes quick work of whatever task is at hand. SOG Assisted Technology for Speed and Safety

    although it's a bit pricey imo it looks like something i may be looking to get something like it what does 'sog' assisted tech mean?

    eventually i'm going to have to get a concealable gun and good holster to carry it in so thanks for your link

    right now i'm just looking to see what's out there as i never really shopped for such gear before and the gun i got years ago from a friend was a good deal to keep around the house ...but didn't think about conceal carry at the time and i'm thinking it's probably better and more practical to get something more concealable yet well made and easy to handle
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