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    Reloading is much cheaper compare to purchasing factory ammo. Beside you can load to your own specification thus increase the accuracy of the gun that you are using. I recommend Dillon Precision , I bought a dillon Square Deal for almost 8 years now. Their NO BS warranty is extremely oustanding. I requested several worn out parts , they delivered it quickly no shipping cost and no single cents to pay. Superb and Oustanding Customer Service and Technical Support.

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    Will have to look into that. Any other good books to help get me going? I really want to get some reading material and learn enough to get going in the right direction. Any good information would be a start.
    I've got a few eBay auctions running now and the money will be going toward the Dillon as soon as it clears.
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    Anyway, I thought I would ask for him... What would have caused the duds in the batch of .380?
    One reason could be primers that are not fully seated into the pocket.

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    Is Reloading target ammo effective anymore?

    Don't know about everyone else but I'm finding the cost of reloading to get rather expensive between the primers and powders, not to mention availiabity.
    Haz Mat fees really prohibit Internet orders unless you do volume but my vendors are having problems stocking my primers and powders.

  6. ijon, check out Texas Health Resources that is a nother excellent forum especially getting information with avid reloaders.

    Be safe and alert when reloading. Very important to follow the manuals. I use the Hornady LNL but would suggest the Lee 4 hole turret for around 100.00 set up. The latter on if you really get into it the LNL is around 400.00 You can always have two presses set up. Have fun

  7. ijon, try this thehighroad dot org

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    The cost depends on how much you shoot and how much time you have.

    If you shoot a lot and don't have much time the Progressive press is going to set you back a bunch of cash.

    If you shoot once in awhile and you have time between outings to reload a bunch of ammo, a single stage press will work and won't cost as much.

    No matter which press you get you'll still have other fixed costs that aren't machine dependent.

    Manuals, tumbler and media, separator, scale,bullet puller, primer flipper, lube.

    Caution on buying a Dillion Square Deal B. The dies are only for that press and not upgradable.

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