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Thread: Best .22LR for semi auto pistols?

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    Don't go cheapo. The Walmart bulk bargain pack 10,000 rounds in a bucket for 2 bucks, is junk. I also do not use the aluminum case Blazers. I like the 40 grain copper plated stuff, like the Winchester. I've had better luck with that in all of my 22 rifles and pistols, than any other round. Keeps the leading down too. My next choice is anything plated by CCI, even the Stingers. Just expensive for practice. Try to find the copper plated Winchester stuff.
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    I've had problems with Winchester in the bulk 333 apck also on my kid's Beretta Neos and Walter P22. That includes my Ruger 10/22 also. The Walter is extremely sensitive to ammo.

    Used to have problems with other bulk ammo like Remington Thunderbolts and the Federal Bulk packs on my Ruger Mark II and IIIs until I polished the heck out of those ramps. No problems after that, not even with the Winchesters.

  4. I've ran trhough a box of Winchester Dynapoints (500) bulk pack without a single FTF or FTL.

    Working on a box of the American Eagle (federal) right now. once this cheap ammo is done i'll look into the better stuff.

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    I have over 14K rounds of the Federal jacketed 36gr jacket rounds through a Ruger Mark III 22/45 and have found it to be the most reliable in terms of feeding as well as failure to fire. The Winchester jacketed would be second on my list and I steer clear of the remington plated stuff as I seem to have a lot of failure to fires with it.

    As for where to find the Federal? I find it at Wally world. I visit about 3 days a week during lunch and when they have it in stock I buy the limit, 6 boxes. Their stock has been spotty but no worse than other calibers.

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    My wife and I have a Walther P-22, very nice shooting little gun great at the range very accuate, but the most finicky SOB with ammo I have ever seen, only ammo that works in it reliably is CCI mini mag or stingers, and I have tryed EVERTHING in it, cheap and high dollar stuff

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