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I like Buffalo Bore Ammo for my 44 mag or Heavy 45 Colt revolvers and lever guns for hunting or when in Bear country. They have a badass 45-70 hardcast load I used to shoot a big Brown Bear on a hunt several years ago with a Marlin lever action. They also have a serious hardcast flat point load for the small 380's. It's supposed to be a good penetrator for the skulls of bad guys. I have a few boxes of the heavy soft point for my 10mm Glock and several boxes of FMJ 45 ACP heavy loads. Good Stuff!!!
They also have a great .444 load with 335 gr at 2000 ft/sec. Not quite 45/70 but very adequate for bear defense especially when consider that this is almost double a 454 in handgun which so many consider an excellent bear defense. Take that and double it and you have a great stopper especially with Buffalo Bore in the chamber.