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    One of the only "exotic" sd ammo i've ever considered. It feeds 100% (no brainer, as to it's ball mimicing shape) any good reports with this, besides the paper killing kind or is it like all other sd ammo, judged by how much jello it kills?
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    I have never used them. I usually stick to simple hollow points. However, I have heard good things about them.

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    I use, carry and like CorBon ammo, however I haven't tried their PowerBall line of ammo. Just make sure your weapon can fire +P ammo since it's rated as +P. From what I've read it it really acts like +P+.
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    In its wisdom NJ does not allow the carry of HP bullets ( I guess they're afraid the criminals will get hurt). We can keep them at home and shoot them at the range.
    Rather than live with the headache, I got some PowRBall ammo and it works great in my 1911.

  6. I tried some in my CZ RAMI (which is a little finicky in its ammo preference) thinking that it should work great as it's essentially ball.......not so fast: 4-5 FTF/FTE's per 10 round mag despite several different mags. I've since tried several different 147gr rounds (not +P) and have had no FTE/FTF's at all through several hundred rounds. I think it's a slide velocity thing with my RAMI; the +P stuff kicks the slide back so fast (on such a short frame), that it doesn't always feed reliably. The RAMI is technically +P rated, but mine doesn't seem to like them as well as bigger, slower rounds. On the other hand, I've shot some Powerball through my S&W 910 (economy 5906) and they work great. Powerball seems like a great idea, but just be sure your weapon likes 'em.
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