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    new to this just got a 9 mm taurus pt111 mil.I have been using 9mm FMJ 115 GR.ammo. witch it said to use in the manual, today I got some 9mm JHP 147 GR. Because of the larger gram will this be ok to shoot.

    I'm from northern ky. just got my ccdw permit about 2 months ago.trying to
    find the best way to carry i think so far like the iwb.

    great site thanks for any help.
    Ronnie g

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    Shouldn't be any problem. Sometimes a heaver grain bullet is a little longer than a lighter grain bullet. As long as it loads in the mag and chambers then you shouldn't have any problems. I wouldn't give it a steady diet of the 147gn if it's a +P+ round.

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    I have a pt140pro. I have fired a variety of cheap, expensive, and reloaded rounds through it. Never had a failure of any kind. I think you should be fine.

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